The Process


A unique highly effective Brand Marketing Strategy process called BMAP©.

A wise soul once quipped:

“If you’re not sure where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

BrandSquad with its simple yet effective BMAP© system (BrandSquad Marketing Activation Plan), will not only help you identify where you want to go, but give you the clear map of how to get there, with 12 key milestones.

Most marketing suppliers or ad agencies will look at your communication requirements and jump in head first. We believe in the top-down approach. Firstly establish where your business true north is; then generate a map with a clear route of how to get there; and only then identify the most efficient and effective means of getting there. Milestone by Milestone. What that essentially means is we firstly fully understand your broader Business Vision and Business Objectives. Secondly, we button down a complete Brand Profile including a full set of Brand Values, Brand Positioning; Brand Personality and your BrandHeart - the very reason you exist. And only then thirdly, do we get on with the Communication requirements, strategically through to execution. The BMAP process is only the framework or map, there are further tried and tested BrandSquad tools we use to successfully arrive at each stage within the process. Most importantly, the power of BrandSquad's offering lies only partly in the BMAP process - it's true strength and value lies in the calibre of people contributing to it - the Squadies.


Pulling it all together - a 5-stage process:

1. Plot True North: identify and understand key issue/s.

Understand company vision and mission. If none exist, we'll assist you in establishing. Identify key business and marketing objective; interrogate it further using BrandSquad tools and restate it in its purest possible form. Client to agree to revised articulation of problem before Stage 2 progresses

2. The Recce: generate SquadBrief that includes:

  1. Client details; background; company vision/mission statement; business objectives
  2. Industry Details
  3. Product/Service details
  4. Macro environmental status
  5. Current Market and Competitive Climate
  6. Existing and Potential target markets
  7. Any research available on industry and target market [if none available, discuss potential need before progressing further].
  8. SWOT analysis
  9. Current marketing challenge and/or objective [review and restate in BMAP Stage 4 below]
  10. Desired measurable outcomes and timing

NOTE: Client to agree to brief before progressing Stage 3.

3. The Briefing: identify, select and brief BrandSquad team

Based on agreed brief, LeadSquady to tailor pick a suitable BrandSquad team for clients approval. Options of 1-8 team members, dependant on client budget. Client to identify a maximum of 3 additional client team members - preferably Marketing Manager; Sales Manager; Managing Director. Alternative consideration to also be given to an employee who is at the customer coalface eg: sales rep or customer service consultant and /or a typical customer. An absolute maximum combined Client-BrandSquad team of 11 ensures an optimal workshop format.

4. Planning the Mission: the BMAP workshop

Mobilise and assemble pre-selected team for an offsite full-day workshop session. If necessary; conduct a client/ product/ factory/ retail tour beforehand. Dependant on nature of brief, a variety of workshop tool processes will be engaged, run and driven by LeadSquady Hanns.

Workshop will only be adjourned once the following 10 milestones have been reviewed; agreed and achieved:

  1. Confirm Business Objective
  2. Articulate Marketing Objective/Challenge
  3. Refine SWOT analysis
  4. Build Brand Pyramid and Brand Positioning Map
  5. Conduct a Customer Scan- or Target Market profiling
  6. Unearth the Key Customer Insight
  7. Generate a unique Communication Proposition or Single Minded Message- your USP
  8. Conceptualise a big idea to engage your target audience with your brand.
  9. Establish Clients realistic Marketing Budget
  10. Generate Marketing Strategies and Tactics Matrix wishlist, including broad Media Plan if relevant

5. Mission Recs: generate BMAP proposal and next steps

The workshop findings and recommendations will be documented and will be delivered and/or presented within a week of workshop completion. Discuss next steps and/or potential future requirements [if any] from BrandSquad or individual BrandSquadies.



BMAP Mission Execution and Implementation

This sevice can be provided should client want to implement any of the BMAP findings and recs. Client has the choice to do this themselves with their own inhouse our external suppliers, or use BrandSquad.

If Client chooses to use BrandSquad, there are 2 options:

a. BrandSquad: BrandSquad can orchestrate and project manage utilising the respective BrandSquad members required;


b. Go BrandSquady Direct: alternatively client can choose to deal directly with each individual BrandSquady as a separate independent business.