Options & Costs

Cheaper than a quarter page press ad ?

And that's no porkies. For less than the cost of a quarter page press ad in the Weekend Australian, you can have the premium Level 1 Eight BrandSquad member BMAP Service Project.

What you essentially get is better than a large multi-national agency equivalent offering. Not just at a fraction of the price, but a very neutral, unskewed and unbiased outcome. Priceless in today's highly competitive marketing communications industry.

A money-saving investment

Considering the cumulative marketing budgets you plan spending now and in the years ahead, it's a small yet smart investment ensuring optimal future spend and efficiencies. And when you're more marketing-efficient, you get more bang for your marketing buck.

Various options to suit your budget.

No one-size-fits-all here. We're well aware different businesses have different budgets. And that Marketers don't always want to be tied into ongoing contracts; retainers or fees. That's why we've tiered our offering, allowing you to select the level you can afford, and still benefit from the great value the overall BMAP [BrandSquad Marketing Activation Plan] process offers. Plus, it's a one-off project fee - we won't tie you into any form of ongoing contract; fee or retainer system.

PRIMARY Service: BMAP Analysis & Strategy

Whilst we recommend you leverage the power of a full-strength BrandSquad team of 8, you can still conduct the same BMAP process with just 1 BrandSquady in need.

Level 1: 8x BrandSquad members

Level 2: 6x BrandSquad members

Level 3: 4x BrandSquad members

Level 4: 2x BrandSquad members

Level 5: 1x BrandSquad member


SECONDARY Service (optional): BMAP Execution & Implementation

This is an optional add-on service. Costs will be directly based on the final BMAP Strategic & Tactics Matrix breakdown proposed, and your subsequent budgets and briefing.

Either choose to implement yourself, or select from one of two BrandSquad options:

  • BrandSquad: BrandSquad orchestrates and Project Manages implementation utilising the services of the respective individual BrandSquad members required.

    Cost Estimates will be based on respective individual BrandSquady quote/s (incl 10% BrandSquad mark-up); plus a $125/hr BrandSquad Project Management fee.


  • Go BrandSquady Direct: Alternatively Client can choose to self Project Manage and deal directly with each individual BrandSquady as a separate independent business to BrandSquad, and they will quote and deal with Client separately and direct.


OTHER Services: one-offs and the miscelaneous

Sometimes you may just need some basic stuff done, and don't necessarily want to engage or contract and Ad Agency long term. And you may have your doubts as to whether the cornershop service provider is professional enough for what you need. We get that.

We can be totally flexible and either bring out the big guns if that's what you need, or sometimes just apply the minimum in order to get the job done. So whether you just want a logo; a flyer; a poster; a radio ad; a digital application or a full blown strategy and campaign - BrandSquad is neither too big nor too small to handle it. That's because being a co-operative Marketing Agency allows us the flexibility to bring in the necessary resources only as we need them, without all the overheads of keeping them on standby. Simple, but very cost effective and efficient, which is passed directly onto you.

Let us know what you need and we can very quickly have a quote for you. More importantly, we can very quickly jump on it and have it delivered ON BRIEF, ON BUDGET and ON TIME.

Need to know more?

Contact me and we can arrange a 30-minute overview presentation on what we do and how we do it, plus any questions you may have. We'll also leave you with a full costing proposal so you'll have everything you need to make an informed decision, without any pressure or obligation.

Alternatively just shoot me an email or give me a buzz and I’d be happy to explain exactly what we do and how we do it. Over the phone or a coffee, whatever suits you.