Key Benefits


If you're a marketer who's realised that 'going it alone' in today's rapidly changing marketing landscape is not optimal for you or your brand, the benefits of using a collaborative marketing specialist service far outweighs the risks of going solo or using a single supplier. Here's just a few.

Core benefit:

Unconfuse your marketing world and accelerate your brand success.


Additional benefits:

1. Value.

Genuine value for money, a scarcity nowadays. Have a look at what we offer, the resources allocated, and the benefits below. Then look at what it costs. A smart marketer or business owner will soon realise the extraordinary value to be gained - not readily available elsewhere.

2. Your own focussed team.

Your own dedicated team of diverse independent marketing professionals focussed solely on your business.

3. More heads. More experience. More knowledge. More power.

The cumulative problem-solving power of many heads versus just one. Hence our slogan: The power of 360 degree co-operative marketing expertise.

4. 360 degree marketing expertise.

Represents the full marketing promotions mix spectrum, unlike most agency or consultancy single source type input.

5. True north strategic focus.

Use BrandSquad primarily for key strategic & tactical direction, giving you a 'true north' focus, eliminating eratic decision and zig-zag wastage now and into the future. Secondary options allow you to implement the plan inhouse; outsource elsewhere or utilise the BrandSquad resources - your choice.

6. Efficient & effective, reducing wastage.

A small strategic commitment now ensures current and future marketing budgets correctly and optimally spent, reducing long term wastage - an investment in future success.

7. Simple common sense, not rocket science.

The BrandSquad approach is simple: Put the right people with the right expertise, right experience and right tools on the job, and the right common sense outcome will always prevail.

8. Confidence.

Gives you confidence & peace of mind your marketing recommendations have not been made in isolation, but developed, backed and endorsed by an entire expert marketing team fully up to date and experienced in their respective disciplines.

9. Genuine outcomes.

Recommendations will be neutral and unbiased. Not manipulated or skewed towards potentially more work.

10. No billing surprises.

No Agency style contracts, retainer or ongoing service fees. Just a one-off project fee quoted upfront based on a clear set of deliverables.

11. Choice & flexibility.

Secondary implementation options allow you to action the plan using your own inhouse resources; outsource elsewhere or utilise BrandSquad or its' BrandSquadies independently - your choice.

12. No obligation or commitment pressure.

Whilst we certainly value and encourage healthy relationships, we appreciate some marketers just want to get the job done, not walk down the aisle. Post project there’s no ongoing relationship obligation or commitment. It’s your choice, feel free to walk away or hopefully we can at least remain good friends !