Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Isn't BrandSquad just another ad agency; talent pool or marketing consultancy?

No, we're a Specialist Marketing Services Provider. Essentially, a full spectrum co-operative Marketing Agency. Most Marketing Consultancies will allocate you one individual based on your business and their expertise. Talent Pools usually focus their resources on one or two marketing; advertising or production areas. We're not a Research Agency nor an Ad Agency. We're not a Sales Promotions company and neither are we a pool of marketing professionals where only one marketer is allocated to you. BrandSquad allocates as a team, a range of individual marketing specialists across a multitude of different marketing disciplines, representing the broad marketing spectrum.

Q2. How long does the whole process take?

Primary Strategy and Workshop stage is usually a minimum 2, maximum 3 weeks. Should you wish to optionally progress the Secondary stage of actioning and implementing the findings, this is totally dependant on the actual findings and recommendations themselves.

Q3. Do I need to use all the Squadies?

No, based on an evaluation of your requirements, a recommendation will be made to you. This could vary between just 1 or a maximum of 8 Squadies. Although we would always recommend a team of 8 for optimum outcomes, we understand budgets may only allow for fewer.

Q4. Who do you recommend attend the BMAP workshop from my company?

In addition to the BrandSquad team allocated, I would recommend an absolute maximum of 3 from your company. This would be the Marketing Manager; The Managing Director or Business Owner; and The Sales Manager [if applicable]. Alternative consideration to also be given to an employee who is at the customer coalface (eg: sales rep or customer service consultant) and /or a typical customer.

Q5. Do I own the intellectual property or ideas of the findings?

The IP of all information and ideas forthcoming from the process is always owned by BrandSquad, however you automatically accrue the licensing rights to use and implement the findings, recommendations and ideas of the BrandSquad BMAP Recommendation.

Q6. BrandSquad is based in Brisbane. What if I'm based interstate?

Nowadays, it's not at all unusual to use suppliers in different cities, even different countries- technology allows it. Most of the process can be done remotely, however it's important the BMAP Workshop is conducted together. As such, it's recommended you fly to Brisbane for this 1-day part of the process. This is more cost effective than flying up to 8 BrandSquadies to you. We could even make the workshop on a Friday or Monday, allowing you the option of a weekend in Brisbane- or better yet, the Sunshine or Gold Coasts!

Q7. Do I have access to the individual BrandSquadies after the process?

The BrandSquad process is project based and allows for collaboration with the team of Brandsquadies during the workshop process. Whilst you have ongoing access to the LeadSquady Hanns, the project costs do not cover indefinite ongoing access to remaining Brandsquadies thereafter. You are however encouraged to contact individual BrandSquadies separately and post completion of the Primary BrandSquad Project process in need. The parameters of this correspondence; access; delivery of services or information then becomes a separate contract/agreement between yourself and the respective individual independent BrandSquady in his/her seperate professional capacity.

Q8. What if the BrandSquady is currently doing work for a competitor of mine?

This would constitute a conflict of interest, and we would seek to use an alternative BrandSquady. If this has been a past relationship, it is worth considering utilising the BrandSquady [within that BrandSquady's legal rights] due to their existing knowledge on the industry, subject to it being within the Brandsquady's post-relationship legal rights to do so.

Q9. Why hasn't the BrandSquad concept been done before?

Co-operative or collaborative models are not new and have been practised in the farming communities for decades, even centuries. In most industries however, independent suppliers by nature tend to work independently of each other doing their own thing. BrandSquad has simply taken this existing concept and applied it to the Marketing Services industry. In a nutshell: focussing the cumulative powers of many on one, for the benefit of all. When focussed on a single task however, the power generated through knowledge and experience is extremely potent. The best ideas are usually the simplest, yet not always immediately obvious. Until after the fact.

Q10. When do I need to pay?

A proforma invoice will be raised and submitted with the initial Project Proposal. Upon written or signed acceptance of the proposal, the proforma invoice will be formalised with first 50% due upon acceptance of Proposal, and final 50% due within 1 week of final submission of Written Report and/or Presentation, whichever occurs first. Due to the resource commitments being made upon proposal acceptance, the BrandSquad team will not be briefed or the BMAP Workshop progressed until the first 50% is settled.


We may not have covered everything you wish to know, so if there are any other questions you may have, please don't hesitate to call or email me. Details below or see 'Contact us' menu tab.

Hanns Bergs, LeadSquady.

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