• A combined force of high-profile independent marketing specialists.

  • A complete, consolidated marketing expertise package.

  • More heads. More experience. More knowledge. More power.

  • The right solution quickly, confidently, inexpensively.

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UNCONFUSE your marketing world. ACCELERATE your brand success.


Are you a marketer or business owner who...

  • feels overwhelmed by the pace of marketing change?
  • is not absolutely confident of the best marketing direction to take?
  • has a challenging marketing budget?
  • would welcome consolidated specialist advice across all marketing disciplines?
  • wants agency-style expertise without contracts or retainers?
  • Answer 'yes' to any of these, it's time to call in the Squadies.

    PROBLEM: complex, fragmented marketing landscape.

    Today's marketing world is a whole new ball game. Many marketers feel overwhelmed by the wave of change, information and choice. Rapidly changing technology has resulted in increased specialisation. This in turn results in fragmented services, which marketers have to juggle whilst trying to maintain brand consistancy and integrity. No marketer alone can be an expert, keep up to date and savvy on all aspects of the marketing communications mix. Possibly a decade ago, certainly not now. But as a Marketer, it's expected of you. It's your job.

    SOLUTION: consolidated full-service Marketing Agency expertise.

    Imagine then, having at your disposal, a consolidated full marketing spectrum service provider, with specialists in each marketing discipline. Not an ad agency, but a 360-degree MARKETING AGENCY. Imagine no more.

    A successful marketer needn't be a guru at all things marketing, nor have to juggle multiple suppliers. Just be a smart marketer and use one provider with specialists in each marketing discipline, working under one consolidated umbrella. Harness the power of highly experienced, high-profile individual experts across every marketing discipline - all as your very own consolidated dedicated resource. A co-operative team mobilised and assembled in one place and time, focussed on your specific marketing challenge. Using tried and tested brand marketing tools, with no hidden agendas, just to provide the best possible marketing solution for your brand. Sounds perfect. And that's where BrandSquad comes in.

    Independent experts delivering a complete consolidated marketing package.

    A new marketing world requires a new approach. Use the old map, you'll get left behind, fast. The BrandSquad model is a new and unique approach to marketing. It provides a new solution getting you atop your marketing game, helping you do your job efficiently and effectively. Perhaps even making you a little famous.

    BrandSquad has available a team of high-profile independent marketing specialists. They're orchestrated, briefed and mobilised to work together as a consolidated team. Their task is to focus their expertise and experience solely on your brand. Working with you using a process called BMAP [BrandSquad Marketing Activation Plan], they'll come up with the the best integrated brand marketing solution to your challenge. In a nutshell: harnessing the cumulative power of many for the benefit of one. And when focussed on a single task, the power generated is extraordinary.

    Escape the deepening rut?

    Either continue feeling overwhelmed by this new marketing world, or embrace it and leverage it to your best possible advantage. If the latter, you'll need some help, but not just any help. Specialist help; experienced help; diverse help; orchestrated help; focussed help. In short - BrandSquad help. Have a quick flick through the rest of the website, and see how simply and quickly it can be achieved.

    Contact me and we can arrange a 30-minute overview presentation on what we do and how we do it, plus any questions you may have. We'll also leave you with a full costing proposal so you'll have everything you need to make an informed decision, without any pressure or obligation. Alternatively just shoot me an email or give me a buzz and I’d be happy to explain exactly what we do and how we do it. Over the phone or a coffee, whatever suits you.

    Take a pioneering step and together we'll help you accelerate your personal and your brand success.

    Hanns Bergs, LeadSquady.

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    0438 806 195

    Level 1 / 161 Robertson St / Fortitude Valley / Qld / 4006 / Australia.